S.E. Consultants, Inc.

S.E. Consultants, Inc. was created to satisfy important needs in consulting structural engineering. S.E. Consultants' unique "client care" has the following advantages to offer:

  1. Our goal is to provide exceptional service and quality construction documents on schedule to fit our clients' needs.
  2. The principals stay current with all structural engineering practices by providing design projects daily.
  3. The principals in charge are involved with the staff on all projects undertaken by the firm.
  4. Much care and consideration is given by our clients to develop the functional and aesthetic appeal of a final product.
  5. We firmly believe the need for artistic ingenuity in the structural design process should be given the same care and consideration. This is reflected in our structural design.
  6. Our Clients have direct contact with the principal in charge of their projects.
  7. We understand the organizational nature of design teams and our clients' position in the present competitive market.
  8. We provide National and International professional experience and registrations.