S.E. Consultants, Inc.

S.E. Consultants has a combined total of over 60 years experience in a wide range of structural projects. Project experience includes commercial, residential, industrial, educational, health care, religious, government and civil works structures. Our designs incorporate wide range of materials:

We developed extensive experience in building and equipment structural designs and evaluations. Our clients depend on us when building additions, raising existing structures or repairing them. The analysis could for example be required when a client wants to install new heavy equipment which increase stresses on the structure. As part of this service we perform field measurements of existing structural members (walls, columns, joists) and installed equipment. We perform building evaluations of structures damaged by fires, construction mistakes or natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes or earthquakes. We identify structural members requiring replacement or recommend repairs in situations when soil changes caused uneven settlement or other corrective actions.

We continuously upgrade our knowledge of materials and design techniques. Several times a year we host on-site presentations by various building materials manufactures which give us an opportunity to learn about their latest products and their applications. We also attend off-site conferences and lectures organized by the Arizona chapter of Structural Engineers Association, during which researchers and industry experts present new design methodologies, calculations and software.