S.E. Consultants, Inc.

S.E. Consultants, Inc. is a Structural Engineering firm located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Our firm is dedicated to providing quality structural engineering services and responding to individual client needs. Our staff of creative professional people has developed extensive national and international experience in both structural design and inspection of commercial and governmental buildings, school projects, industrial buildings, residential and renovation projects.

S.E. Consultants, Inc. utilizes the latest technologies in computerized structural design and computer-aided drafting in order to provide the finest professional and technical services to our clients. This investment in technology allows us to complete our projects in a very timely manner.

We also put a lot of emphasis on maintaining close working relationship with our clients and some of these relationships go back to 1992 - the year the company was founded. This emphasis begins in the front office where 2 employees handle incoming calls so our clients can always speak to a person about their concerns and issues. It further extends into the back office where our clients have a designated engineer who handles the client's communications. This way the client has a single point of contact with deep understanding of the current projects who can address client's concerns in the most efficient manner.

We strongly believe that our company's mission is providing quality services to clients of all sizes, and therefore we will not turn away a client because his/her project is too small. In fact, to this day we haven't had a need for a sales or marketing department and this in turn allows us to offer our services at very competitive prices. We simply focus on our work and the clients reward us with a steady flow of assignments. We complete about 3,000 projects each year.

Our dedication to quality doesn't stop with the submitting of drawings and calculations to a building department. On rare occasion that a design needs to be corrected we work with the client to ensure the design is corrected and a building permit is issued. We simply stand by our work.

We invite you to search our web site to see the kinds of projects we work on and our capabilities.